Chrome-nickel plate

Insulation of walls with chrome-nickel plate

Corrugated insulating plates made of stainless chromium-nickel steels are mechanically driven fastener into the wall, without opening the wall. This factor is very important because there is no (as in classical undercutting) the risk of infringement of a static object. Individual plates at each follow-up locks, creating a watertight stainless steel capillary seal against ground dampness.Padding of walls (formation of cracks caused sedáním) in the vertical direction nenímožné since forming in the mortar boards in the clutches of compacts. The damaged or broken masonry is not normally even when a brick through the masonry strength does not lie in one plane.

Access to work just one side. It can work even in places where no electricity. In masonry slabs are pneumatically driven fastener, is used to power diesel screw air compressor. Can insulate masonry with joints of the average thickness from 1 mz on one side. Thicker walls must be accessible from both sides. Performing companies provide long-term guarantees for materials DIN 1.4301. On plates made of this material is granted long-term guarantee. The investor must therefore be interested in it from what material will be made up in isolation and as security.Each individual panel should be marked with the type of material used.

Effect of isolation of chromium-nickel plate

This is a very common question professionals and amateurs. In the event that the wall was damaged under the insulation, such as mortar vydrolením, improve the distributing, since plate ensures carrying around the burden across the width of the wall.

Use methods naražených chrome-nickel plate

Can be applied to all buildings with continuous joints in the masonry. Use of this method is not limited to brick masonry, it can be carried out on masonry mixed. In the CR, this method was already stripping many buildings with brick masonry, but also mixed with the masonry. Each object is unique and we therefore recommend an assessment of the building redevelopment technician. Daily performance of the work crew of two workers is 20 m wall thickness of 50 cm, this means that the average family house is insulated with this technology in just two days.

Benefits of insulation from chrome-nickel plate

  • Guarantee for the entire lifetime of the object (unlimited)
  • High quality material: DIN 1.4301 chromium-nickel steel, the strength value is approximately 1000 to 1200 N/mm2
  • Isolation can be performed by a service facility
  • Isolation is performed from outer side into the floor
  • Speed in comparison with classical methods undercutting of the method is about 4 times faster.Daily output is around 20 m2 of walls
  • Preservation of static object, never no subsidence and cracking plaster walls, a written guarantee of structural conservation before starting work.
  • Can be applied at the building where there is no electricity. (380 V, 25 A)



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